There’s something inside you that is trying to wake up. You had never had this feeling…
Morning light, something more powerful than yourself. Your curiosity, willing to break all the seals.
It is time to explore, time to release.


How powerful is a scent? We could say it is magical. It has the power to transport you to that place, that moment. Even if you are in the middle of the crowdest street in the crowdest city. As soon as some drops of that scent reach your senses, magic happens. The strength of a fragrance is measured by the distance it is able to make you fly.


Let me take off and pursue my dreams. Dreams that are stronger than me. Dreams that will not stop even if I do. Dreams that will never stop growing, even if I stop dreaming. Because dreams let me break away. Dreams let me discover the unknown.Dreams overcome my spirit. Dreams let me commit mistakes and learn from them. Dreams let me be myself, fearless, and strong. And perhaps, soon, dreams will be real.
Or maybe they already are.

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